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Asset Management Software for Construction

Effortlessly manage assets of all kinds in your construction project. With RFID and NFC tags, cloud storage and more, you will be able to perform a great deal of power asset-specific functions with just a few mouse clicks. Know more about our asset management software for construction – SmartAMS. Contact us today.

Real Estate Asset Management Software

Construction projects utilize a hoard of assets to meet their end goals. They range from tiny assets like screws to enormous machinery like cement trucks. All of these assets need to be accounted for in a systematic way to ensure that there are no obstacles in the workflow. Our inventory & asset management software for construction is specially sculpted to handle all your construction needs seamlessly from a single comprehensive console.

There is a wide array of risks that ensues improper management of construction materials and machinery. Employees and the company itself would be putting themselves in danger if the assets are not maintained well. In a construction environment, it is imperative to know what asset is where, if they have been serviced and more. In no way can any room be given for the prevalence of shoddy construction tools as they have the potential to injure employees.

When it comes to investing in equipment, whether you buy or lease tools, you will need to go over several factors to know if your company can accommodate new assets. The factors include knowing:

  • Whether you have the funds to acquire the new asset
  • Whether maintaining the new asset falls within your budget
  • Whether your inventory has the space for it
  • How you will allocate the resource for projects

All of those questions can be thoroughly answered with the help of a construction tool & equipment software. Obtaining asset information from every nook and corner of the company is an incredibly simple process when a software is used.

Our real estate asset management software is an easy-to-use software that is light and has an intuitive interface. Easily navigate through various sections to perform a wide range of tasks like

  • Adding an asset to the inventory
  • Tracking assets
  • Transferring assets
  • Create a maintenance schedule for assets
  • Dispose assets
  • Perform audits and more

The best way to manage all the equipment that construction sectors frequently utilize is with the help of an construction asset management software. Control and monitor your assets with a broad spectrum of asset-specific tools and grow the prospects of your construction company. Contact us today.