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Cutting-Edge Government Asset Management Software

Government sectors employ a wide array of assets. Tracking and optimally managing them ensures that funds are adequately used and not overspent. A government asset tracking software will keep the sector informed of asset details such as where they are and what stage of the lifecycle they are in. Consequently, a considerable amount of money can be saved.

Government Asset Tracking & Management Software

Manually tracking all the various types of assets and knowing what assets are available in the inventory of government sectors can be tedious. Furthermore, the likelihood of wrongly entering data is high and can prove to be expensive. Our government asset management system eliminates those risks and boosts accuracy of asset records.

We help you implement efficient tracking solutions such as sticking barcodes and labels that contain asset information. In addition to being able to scan them to retrieve information at a later point of time, you will be able to view detailed and updated information of all your assets through our management software.

No matter what government assets you manage on a daily basis, whether it’s military, civil, federal, state or local assets, our fixed asset management software is well-suited to handle all your asset operations.

Experience a complete suite of asset management tools that are powerful and easy-to-use at your disposal. You will be able to perform functions like:

  • Tracking – View asset details such as when it was purchased, where it is, how much it is being used and more.
  • Identify asset requirements – Accept and manage requests for the purchase of new assets.
  • Allocate assets – Transfer assets to new departments and employees.
  • Stay up-to-date – Set up custom notification alerts regarding asset statuses
  • Instantly know asset information – Scan barcodes with your smartphone to get asset information
  • Resolve systematically – Manage tickets and complaints through a dedicated ticketing panel
  • Cataloguing – Effortlessly capture existing inventory and related information onto the asset management software.

If you’re looking for an effective way to automate integral operations and gain full control over all your assets and want to cut down on costs, then the government asset tracking software from SmartPoint will suit all your business requirements. Our LGAM software is sculpted with essential features that will make buying, installing, servicing and retiring assets a breeze.