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Education Asset Management for Schools and Universities

Looking after the assets of an educational institution can be agonizing. There is a solution to make managing assets a simple and easy task, and that is with a school asset tracking software. Presenting SmartAMS – Track and regulate your assets with just a few clicks. Contact us to know more.

Education Asset Tracking Software

Educational institutions like schools and colleges employ a wide range of assets to facilitate their operations. As the number of assets in educational sectors are used up very frequently, asset management is required to optimize the use of resources and maintain optimum expenditure costs. The best way to do that is with an education asset management and tracking software.

Technology has been taking over almost every economic sector, and the education sector is no exception. Classrooms are increasingly being digitalized with smart boards, interactive educational softwares and more. These new age assets fall under IT assets.

Other assets that are predominantly utilized in the education sector include stationary, sports equipment, food items, medical supplies.

Assets are the pillars on which several business functions operate, and so it is essential to regularly check on them. Asset management deals with keeping a tab on what assets are coming in, what their conditions are, when they require maintenance and when they should be disposed. By staying on top of all the assets in your educational organization, you can optimize your resource usage and in turn reduce expenses and increase productivity.

Efficient asset management prevents undesirable events like:

  • Loss of assets
  • over expenditure on assets
  • Underperforming assets
  • Incorrect asset details
  • Malfunctioning assets

Our school asset tracking software allows you to thoroughly manage your assets from the time they are procured until the time they are decommissioned. It offers you advantages such as:

  • Tracking assets using RFID and NFC tags
  • Knowing what is available in your inventory
  • Allocating space and budget for new assets
  • Receiving regular asset-related notifications
  • Creating maintenance schedules
  • Making sure that assets comply with company & security policies

Our asset management for education software is designed to satisfy all your asset management needs. Simply install our program in your workflow and experience the difference. Contact us for a free trial of SmartAMS today.