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Enterprise Asset Management in Manufacturing

The industrial & manufacturing sectors use a great deal of equipment to complete projects. It is important to ensure that all equipment function optimally and are within reach when required. Our manufacturing asset management software gives you a quick and easy way to manage all your assets from a single software. Contact us today.

Industrial Asset Management Software

Effective management of assets not only helps keep track of assets, but also facilitates the use of assets at optimum levels. Not being aware of faulty, missing and misplaced assets could prove to be extremely costly. To prevent such instances, the best solution is to use an industrial asset management software.

The finished goods and products we use today are the end results of manufacturing, and a collection of tools work together to facilitate the manufacturing process. Those tools are of prime importance. They need to be regularly monitored and tracked to ensure that they are in working condition. Moreover, the tools, which are also assets, need to be accounted for regularly to prevent a cascade of disasters.

Take for instance situations wherein an important manufacturing material is missing from the inventory, or when a vital machinery is broken at a crucial time. These situations arise from improper management of assets. Smartpoint provides a robust manufacturing asset management software that will keep you informed of

  • What assets you have – Identify what assets you have in your inventory and what you lack.
  • What stage of their lifecycles they are in – Use or Transfer assets to different manufacturing processes according to requirements. If they are nearing their expiry date, then dispose of them.
  • Where they are – Know where to find your assets as and when they are needed.
  • When they need to be serviced – Create service schedules, and be notified of upcoming service dates.

Efficiently track and manage all your assets and related data within a comprehensive and user-friendly software console. Stay informed about asset-specific developments at every step of the way with our prompt notification system and an easy-to-understand dashboard. Our software is built to provide you with the following benefits:

  • Increase the lifespan of your assets
  • Quickly transfer assets
  • Minimize unnecessary expenditure
  • Ensure that your assets meet company guidelines
  • Perform complete audits
  • Receive SMS and Email alerts about the status of your assets
  • Systematically approve new requests

Industrial and manufacturing sectors harbor a great deal of tools to facilitate all of their processes. Proper management of assets that comprise the manufacturing process is crucial for optimal operations. SmartAMS is configured to handle all asset functions in a simple and streamlined way. Get started today.