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Facilities Management Asset Tracking Software

Tracking and managing various facilities that exist in an organization is often challenging. Moreover, errors in recording data regarding facility operations are mistakes that are costly to make. On the bright side, you can efficiently manage and optimize your facilities for increased productivity and cut down costs with SmartAMS. Contact us today.

Facility Asset Management Software

Offices, malls, parks and many more such infrastructures consist of multiple facilities to meet the needs of employees and visitors. When they are shoddily maintained, it levies expensive replacement or maintenance costs on organizations. Tracking the status of facility assets from time to time helps keep a tab on various aspects of the asset. The most efficient way of performing this task is by employing an asset management software. Presenting our facility asset management software called SmartAMS.

What facility management covers?

Facility management helps systematically track and manage physical assets that facilitate day to day business operations. It helps increase an organization’s returns on existing asset value by focusing on identifying potential improvements in the workplace.

From furniture to air conditioning and Wi-fi, facility management takes care of all assets. Management tasks include

  • Tracking assets
  • Create asset maintenance schedules
  • Audit assets
  • Create asset service schedules
  • Transfer assets
  • Dispose assets and more.

Benefits of using facility asset management software

Maintaining and improving facilities manually can become excruciatingly tasking, especially when your infrastructure scales up. Employing a facilities management asset tracking software will help you not only know where your assets are and what condition they are in, but it also gives you an insight into how to use your asset resources more profitably. By eliminating ghost assets, transferring assets, optimizing the threshold at which your assets operate and much more, you will be able to do more with less. Additional benefits of using a software to manage your facility assets include:

  • Sustainable use of assets
  • Quick asset audits
  • Get notifications when assets are nearing expiry
  • Improve the lifespan of assets
  • Account for all assets

Proper management of assets enables organizations to cut down infrastructure related maintenance costs and at the same time increase productivity. Transform the way you handle your assets with SmartAMS.