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IT Asset Management Software for IT companies.

Replace time-consuming, manual asset tracking methods with a holistic asset management software. Save on plenty of time and money with our IT asset tracking and management platform. Get started today.

IT Asset Tracking System

Proper management of assets in IT companies is invaluable. Not only does it make tasks like tracking and allocating assets a simple process, but it also prevents the slowing down of operations due to haphazardly maintained records. Give your company a huge boost in terms of productivity, performance and profits with our IT Asset Management Software platform.

Challenges faced by IT companies

When a company accumulates a great deal of assets, it can lead to a plethora of challenges. It is imperative to properly manage and track all assets using software in such a scenario.

  • Keeping track of licenses – A myriad of licenses are in play within an IT ecosystem. They may differ in purchase date, validity and license type.
  • Managing third party softwares – Frequently checking third-party softwares for technical anomalies is crucial. Any vulnerabilities arising from its bugs will tamper with company security.
  • Updating computers – Manually maintaining and viewing records of computers to know which ones need to be updated is often a hectic process.
  • Isolating bugs – It can be difficult to routinely check assets for bugs and to record details such as who fixed it on what date.
  • Viewing detailed asset information – It is important to be able to quickly pull up information on assets without having to extensively search different folders.

Features of our IT asset inventory management tool

Our enterprise asset management software is packed with cutting-edge features to help you manage all your assets with a few clicks.

  • Requests & approval – Manage manual requests from employees for the addition of new assets or for transferring assets. Exercise privilege to approve or decline them.
  • Software asset management – Manage licenses, effortlessly make sure that your assets meet the latest compliance standards and more.
  • Asset life cycle – Whether an asset is just bought or nearing its final stages, know exactly what phase of the lifecycle your assets are in.
  • Analytics – Get brief reports and analytics on which assets are in demand and what assets are needed for the fluent functioning of the company.
  • Asset dashboard – Get an eagle’s eye view of where the assets are and all of their details.
  • Track multiple types of assets – Keep a tab on the status and location of assets like desktops, mobiles, servers, network and cloud configurations.

Advantages of using our Asset Management Software

Our IT Asset Tracking Software declutters, streamlines and simplifies how you manage your software and hardware units.

  • Stay informed – Get notified of forthcoming license expiry dates, maintenance, updates and more through alerts.
  • View information – Instantaneously look up detailed information on every asset within the software.
  • Cost-effective – By being informed of all the assets that exist in the company, you can cut down on unnecessary expenditures.
  • Synchronicity – Any new additions or changes you make to the status of assets in the software will be reflected and synchronized throughout the organization.

Assets are expensive, and they require proper management to avoid exorbitant maintenance and replacement costs. Bid goodbye to stacks of excel sheets that are error-prone, and start using a software asset management tool. Right from buying assets until the time they are decommissioned – use, allocate and monitor them efficiently with our digital asset management software.